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Rogare coaches teams in their development

Rogare coaches managers and trains teams of managers and professionals. Core themes are: personal motivation, managing expectations and team behavior. Hans Veenman, the face and owner of Rogare, supports company leadership in the process of implementing change and improving performance. The focus lies on culture and governance as well as on the guidance and motivation of people. For this purpose, he coaches managers in their leadership development, guides teams of professionals in a range of areas including personal leadership, governance, personal and professional skills, customer focus and team behavior. He organizes workshops and training programs on these topics.

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Rogare drives sustainable change in attitude and behavior through inspiring trainings, workshops and personal coaching tailored to the occasion.

Based on the conviction that every person has a desire to belong, to contribute and to be led, we explore what drives people both individually and within the context of a team. We find out what motivates them to collaborate and take responsibility. Or, conversely, what blocks or hinders them to do so. Why do people behave the way they do? To find out what is essential to their mindset, what moves people at deeper levels beneath the surface, trust is key. Our approach is therefore based on trust. We coach people in daring to trust themselves and trust others by giving them our trust. Rogare is Latin for asking (questions). That's precisely how we work. From a professional and care-full curiosity we let our customers discover the power within themselves as well as the power of asking questions. By giving people time, both individually and within teams, to reflect about what motivates or hampers them, we initiate real change in attitude and behavior.


Rogare is valued by its customers and business parters for its commitment and its professional, people focused approach. Walk our talk. Customer focused, not customer dependent. With our sights on change.

I would like to thank you for creating the environment of trust in the course. I felt that the atmosphere was trusted, supporting, and non-judgemental. This encouraged me to be far more open than I would normally. It made me feel I could try things and make mistakes without being judged (other than by myself!). I feel this course should be a ‘9’.

Justin Rollinson


The group that I saw at the end of the Core Skills training had gone through a substantial change. A team that stood as a rock and would definitely make a difference within our company. A team in which:
* firmness and flexibility supported each other
* empathic listening and challenging questions drove towards a clear assignment
* behavior was focused on the relationship with the owner of the issue
* solutions and recommendations were presented lwith confidence
* the individual behavior supported team performance
* both indivual and team development were noticeable.


midsize Dutch pensionfund

I have had the pleasure of working with Hans Veenman for over four years in different areas within AkzoNobel. In our worldwide Core Skills training sessions, we trained more than 300 staff from within my team. Hans is a master in asking the right questions, letting you discover what's important and how to visualise success. He will guide you to the options to get there (often creative), and how to translate those into concrete steps. For all layers of my team including myself, this has been of great value to our efforts to improve our self-reflection, effectiveness and focus. Hans Veenman has made an essential contribution to cultural change within AkzoNobel's IT function. 

Pieter Schoehuijs, Chief Information Officer


I got to know and certainly also experience Hans as a coach/consultant with a clear vision on handling people, on the communication between them and on personal development.
He applies this in practice in an unorthodox and unique way: firm and pure. The training sessions Hans organized for our colleagues in 2007 and 2008 as part of our cultural change process have raised our entire company (about 60 people in those days) to a higher level.
An extraordinary achievement, all the more so because it has produced sustainable change from which we (130 people) still reap the benefits today. An excellent job!

[In 2013 and 2014 the training program was repeated as a refresh and to bring newly hired people up to speed.]

René Timmermans, Managing director

Pulse Business Solutions (2013)

For many years, Rogare has supported AkzoNobel to bring about cultural change, amongst others by delivering Core Skills trainings and other forms of coaching. The power that Hans Veenman and his colleagues bring individually is even stronger through the way they are tuned and support and challenge each other. The result is a great team that not only focuses on result, but also on the way towards it - using feedback continuously to optimise their approach and content. Each job with him was a fantastic and challenging experience.

Pieter Schoehuijs

CIO - AkzoNobel

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