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coaching, training & advice for executives and professionals

Rogare drives sustainable change in attitude and behavior through inspiring trainings, workshops and personal coaching tailored to the occasion.


Based on the conviction that every person has a desire to belong, to contribute and to be led, we explore what drives people both individually and within the context of a team. We find out what motivates them to collaborate and take responsibility. Or, conversely, what blocks or hinders them to do so. Why do people behave the way they do? To find out what is essential to their mindset, what moves people at deeper levels beneath the surface, trust is key. Our approach is therefore based on trust. We coach people in daring to trust themselves and trust others by giving them our trust. Rogare is Latin for asking (questions). That's precisely how we work. From a professional and care-full curiosity we let our customers discover the power within themselves as well as the power of asking questions. By giving people time, both individually and within teams, to reflect about what motivates or hampers them, we initiate real change in attitude and behavior.

The world isn't perfect. Your world isn't either. You'd like things to change. Only if other people would... But what can you do yourself? How can you contribute to change? Make sure you set a small step each day, within your circle of influence. Surprise yourself!

We have all had this experience: that the team you were part of was in complete "flow". The feeling that together you could concur the world. Do you want that to happen more often? Where will you find the key? No, not in structures or procedures, but rather in trust and by connecting with people.

Whether you're outlining your strategy, writing a business plan or in the process of completing an important project, the result will always require support and a sense of ownership from all involved. Listening, managing expectations and understanding each other is essential.



Rogare is valued by its customers and business parters for its commitment and its professional, people focused approach. Walk our talk. Customer focused, not customer dependent. With our sights on change.


Stimulating and down to earth

Hans triggers my thinking and reflection, does not avoid the difficult questions and is always positive and involved. He motivates me to try different approaches, which enhances my personal effectiveness. 
The coaching sessions regularly take place during nature walks. A magnificent setting.
Emmie Habes, Aegon Asset Management

Leadership in a extraordinary environment

Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation. Since 2017 MSF is supported by Oxford Leadership in growing leadership skills and capabilities of its leaders. Through a three-tier integrated program 'Leadership and People Management Development' Oxford Leadership facilitates their leadership development journey. The program touches three layers, i.e. 'me', 'team' and 'organisation', which are experiences subsequently. As part of the OL core team Hans was involved in designing and delivering the programme as a facilitator/trainer.

Making a difference

When the week came to an end and farewells filled the room, everyone recognized what a valuable week it had been. During the week, disappointment visited but success had the last word. Friendships were developed and motivation levels were high. What started out as a skeptical endeavor ended as a motivating experience. Thanks to Rogare and AkzoNobel, sixteen employees headed back to their offices ready to make a difference.


Growing pains

An architecture firm, which focusses on area development and urbanisation, has survived the economic crisis and has grown extensively over the past years. The chief architect and director has decided to no longer manage the company by himself, and expands his management team with four seniors working for the company. He asks Rogare to coach the brandnew partnerteam in their new role, in areas such as effective collaboration, ownership and accountability, and role modelling and leadership. This way he helps them to shape their leadership role and as one team guide their organisation in its further development. Hans coaches the partners individually and organises workshops with the team and the entire organisation, on topics that help them in their further development.

Through 'storming'

A research and development division of a large technology company exists by its project-focuced way of working. Projects are executed in ever changing teams of specialists. Together with others coaches Hans the teams that want to set a positive step in their development. The reasons for asking for coaching differ per case from start-up (as a new team we face a challenging assignment and want to make a good start'), through boost ('our performance is 'ok', but we feel that our collaboration can be improved') to wake-up ('irritation and conflict negatively influence the performance of our team, something needs to be done'). With our Core Skills training we learn participants to balance their attention to Context, Relations and Process next to Content, and guides the team through the different stages of team development. The result is an opener, happier and more effective team, that contributes to a more flexible and agile organisation.