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Purpose - How Decisions in Life are Shaping Leadership Journeys with Purpose

As a leadership consultant I coach leaders to find and embrace their purpose. When you see your personal 'meaning' and that of your company to the greater cause clearly, life becomes more beautiful, more transparant, richer. Telling those personal stories inspires.

With this in mind 22 inspiring people, connected in http://www.oxfordleadership.com, took the initiative in 2019 to write down their own personal stories and by publishing those stimulate leaders to also share their stories. That's how this book was born. I am proud and grateful to be one of these 22 wonderful - or should I say "wonder-full' - people. 

Writing about my purpose and the journey that made me discover it, and sharing my stories, really feels like 'coming out'. 



To order the book and read more please go to http://www.purpose-book.com



Five frustrations of project managers

In analogy of Lencioni's five dysfunctions of teamwork my dear colleagues and friends Marieke Strobbe, Leo de Bruijn, Menno Valkenburg and I wrote a series of articles in 2015 and 2016, in which we explore five regularly manifesting frustrations in project management. The articles are published in the magazine Projectie, the magazine of IPMA, the International Project Management Association.

March 2017 the four of us published our book around the five frustrations! A magnificant, powelful condensation of our experiences, both in the Dutch and English language. We are proud of the proces to get there, and the result!

You can order the book by clicking the cover below. 


If you do not want to wait for the book you ordered to fall on your door mat ànd you understand Dutch, please read some of the original articles. The pdf's are to find via the links below.   

This series comprises of an overview article, followed by articles in which the frustrations are deeper explored one at a time.


Article 1 – the overview

Vijf frustraties van projectmanagers


Article 2 – frustration #1: lack of team development

De vertraging die tot versnelling leidt


Article 3 – frustration #1: lack of team development [cont'd]

Eindelijk van de schommel af


Article 4 – frustration #2: team members do not take ownership

Context voor eigenaarschap creëren


Article 5 – frustration #3: the red energy of the project manager

Hoe de projectmanager ook zijn andere kleuren kan inzetten


Article 6 – frustration #4: the project meeting costs too much energy

Het projectoverleg waar je graag bij wilt zijn


Article 7 – frustration #5: team members contribute insufficiently

Zien en gezien worden, de holy grail in projectmanagement?


Have fun!