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Rogare coaches teams in their development


Rogare coaches managers and trains teams of managers and professionals. Core themes are: personal motivation, managing expectations and team behavior. Hans Veenman, the face and owner of Rogare, supports company leadership in the process of implementing change and improving performance. The focus lies on culture and governance as well as on the guidance and motivation of people. For this purpose, he coaches managers in their leadership development, guides teams of professionals in a range of areas including personal leadership, governance, personal and professional skills, customer focus and team behavior. He organizes workshops and training programs on these topics.

The world isn't perfect. Your world isn't either. You'd like things to change. Only if other people would... But what can you do yourself? How can you contribute to change? Make sure you set a small step each day, within your circle of influence. Surprise yourself!


We have all had this experience: that the team you were part of was in complete "flow". The feeling that together you could concur the world. Do you want that to happen more often? Where will you find the key? No, not in structures or procedures, but rather in trust and by connecting with people.
Whether you're outlining your strategy, writing a business plan or in the process of completing an important project, the result will always require support and a sense of ownership from all involved. Listening, managing expectations and understanding each other is essential.