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Individual coaching

A mirror to get to know yourself better

Sometimes you're stuck, dogged by a question. A question that stays on your mind and which you just need to answer in order to be able to continue working, or even living. Maybe a question about the impact you have on others. Or a question related to your professional or personal development.

Maybe you know the solution, but it's the decision that you fear, the enormous step you think you have to take, to get moving. If you want I can help you investigate what your question is really about, what you are essentially looking for what is stopping you from getting there.

I follow the Socratic method in coaching, named after the Greek philosopher. To me, that implies concentrating on questions. Together, we will first explore what your question is. Then, we will spend a number of coaching sessions looking for answers. The coaching is done when you've found the answer. The Socratic approach also means that I will ask that could take you into unknown territory, give you new insights, help you take decisions and understand what is driving you.

Personal coaching based on questions that really matter

Asking questions, listening, feeling, reflecting. These are our core personal coaching principles when we guide people. Always based on a question.

1. Meet Who are you?

Personal coaching starts with getting to know each other. Where do you come from? What is on your mind? What is your question? How does a coaching session work? What do I contribute to a session? During our intake meeting, we'll get to know each other a little better, so that we can decide whether there is enough trust and a "click" between us that enables us to start our coaching relationship effectively.

2. Listen what is your story?

You tell me what's on your mind, what your question is about, what is bothering you. I will ask you questions and listen actively to what you tell me, how you tell me, what you do not tell. That will give me clues as to the best direction we should take to get straight to the essence and help you forward on your personal path.

3. Inspire what moves you and what is holding you back?

Undisturbed reflection, being confronted with a mirror image, experiencing a constellation or giving free rein to your emotions. It all can contribute to your explorative journey and give you insights that help you feel better, find happiness, be more effective in your work or clean up your relationship, with your partner, family or friends.

4. Reflect what is your insight and what are you going to do with it?

The choice whether or not to make a move, get your act together, do what you intend to do - it's all up to you. If you want we will discuss what your intention is for the next day, or week, or month ... and we'll reflect on it afterwards. What do you need still? What is holding you back? The circle is closed...


Some examples where personal coaching and guidance have contributed to individual steps forward, team development or organizational change


Stimulating and down to earth

Hans triggers my thinking and reflection, does not avoid the difficult questions and is always positive and involved. He motivates me to try different approaches, which enhances my personal effectiveness. 
The coaching sessions regularly take place during nature walks. A magnificent setting.
Emmie Habes, Aegon Asset Management

The right questions

It felt good working in a small group. Everyone was given attention and we all listened to each other. We had the opportunity to discuss our own practical cases, which was valuable and sometimes confronting. Everything was touched upon. The drawing exercise was very funny and the listening exercises were fun to do. The day gave me a lot of new insights on Business Communication.

Finally, it's so nice to see that once again you seem to know the right questions and draw the right conclusions to make people look at themselves. It worked for me. It was the best way to reflect on my own behavior.


Participant 1-day training Business Communication

AkzoNobel Industrial Chemicals

A happier person

You will not easily forget a series of coaching sessions with Hans due to his powerful and engaged approach. I was searching for more relaxation and contol of my emotions with the intention to further grow professionally. In the end the coaching helped me to better connect with myself and my partner. The result: a happier person in private and in business!


coaching client

een Nederlands bankbedrijf