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Rogare is a company owned by Hans Veenman. His strength lies in coaching and stimulating people in a business context. Hans is a trained and experienced personal coach as well as team coach. He comes from an information technology and business consulting background. He works in a  structured manner and with passion, driven by a natural feeling for processes and always in connection with people.


Having worked some 30 years with KPMG Consulting (including its legal successors and  predecessors) it suddenly dawned on me that I needed one thing: space. I wanted the space and freedom to do what I had been good at doing all along. After all, it gave me loads of energy. Connecting with people, taking on challenging projects together and bringing them to fruition based on that connection. Projects we could be proud of, because of what we achieved and the way we had done it’.


‘For me, it all starts with being curious, with allowing myself to be surprised and feeling that everybody acts from positive intentions. For that reason, "asking questions" is crucial to me - rogare in Latin. It all boils down to "connecting with others". In practice, this means discovering who the other person really is and what makes them tick. Finding out whether there’s a spark between us, whether we get on well with each other, whether the seeds of trust are starting to grow. It means that I will be authentic, show them who I am, so that they can decide for themselves whether they like what they see and whether they want to work with me.’


I learn by doing and from experience, by making mistakes. I’m still learning. Not to be dependent on the opinion of others, for example. One of my preceptors once said to me: you don't always have to be nice to gain appreciation. I will remember that.’


Hans works independently and is part of a strong network of ex-KPMG Consulting colleagues and other professionals. They enjoy working together and support each other in a variety of consulting, coaching and training assignments and share the same values and principles. This network operates under the brandname Teaming Company.


With the support of this network, Rogare has built substantial experience in team coaching and delivering training programs in both Dutch and English. The network has extensive international experience in Europe, Americas and Asia in delivering training programs focusing on team development and cultural change (see also Core Skills training). They have worked on locations all over the globe and with a variety of cultures.


My inspiration


I like being inspired by others. By people who I work with, who I meet, face-to-face or on the web. Their stories inspire me. Their honesty, their vulnerability, their guts, their simplicity or complexity, their happiness or sadness. The way they explore, their search for who they are, their search for a question or an answer. Another source of inspiration is the tranquility and space which I encounter in beautiful nature spots. That's how I learn and make my life's journey.

‘No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.’

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Nic Askew touches and inspires me regularly with his beautiful texts and videos. About people, genuine people. Have a look and enjoy…



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Making a difference by connecting with your heart and soul. Connecting to each other, to equally minded, to challenges in society. That’s what One Million Snowflakes does. I am a snowflake.


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Change starts with you. But how do you go about doing it? Where do you start?


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Ted has become a phenomenon in recent years. Inspiring speakers share surprising and sometimes touching stories. Here’s an example to get you addicted to TED.



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For everyone who wants to make collaboration with others more effective and more fun, this book is mandatory reading: Non-violent communication by Marshall Rosenberg.


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The experiences in my work have contributed to who I am today. Learned through failures and successes. When you and I start working together I will bring those experiences. Happy to share my stories. Below a selection of "jobs" to which I look back with pride, joy and gratitude.


Stimulating and down to earth

Hans triggers my thinking and reflection, does not avoid the difficult questions and is always positive and involved. He motivates me to try different approaches, which enhances my personal effectiveness. 
The coaching sessions regularly take place during nature walks. A magnificent setting.
Emmie Habes, Aegon Asset Management

Leadership in a extraordinary environment

Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation. Since 2017 MSF is supported by Oxford Leadership in growing leadership skills and capabilities of its leaders. Through a three-tier integrated program 'Leadership and People Management Development' Oxford Leadership facilitates their leadership development journey. The program touches three layers, i.e. 'me', 'team' and 'organisation', which are experiences subsequently. As part of the OL core team Hans was involved in designing and delivering the programme as a facilitator/trainer.

Making a difference

When the week came to an end and farewells filled the room, everyone recognized what a valuable week it had been. During the week, disappointment visited but success had the last word. Friendships were developed and motivation levels were high. What started out as a skeptical endeavor ended as a motivating experience. Thanks to Rogare and AkzoNobel, sixteen employees headed back to their offices ready to make a difference.